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Unfolding the Art of Georgia O’Keeffe

Deborah Jenner
Monday July 3rd At The Mayfair Penang, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah Talk begins at 7.30pm (Doors open at 7pm) - Entrance fee for non members is RM120

Celebrating the centennial of O’Keeffe’s first solo show, this illustrated talk traces an often neglected, yet key figure of 20th century painter who dared to replace European influences with Asian ones in order to create a truly American art, thus anticipating Biomorphism, Colour Field, Pop, Op and Minimalism.

Be it a New York skyscraper or Far West desert view, her landscapes are aglow with an underlying white light. Her close up flower paintings’ erotic folds connect us directly with something keenly alive in Nature, while her more abstract works’ dazzling, prismatic hues evoke Cosmic splendour.

Projections of O’Keeffe’s paintings juxtaposed with portraits of her, by renowned photographers, will illuminate this brief presentation telescoping the 98 year life of an intriguing woman who was a visionary artist.

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